This cottage is large with its 106 sqm and 8+1 beds. Below you will get a detailed description and lots of pictures. You can also click 360 links to the left to see panarama views which you can control with the mouse.

Storstugan i Fjällräven

The living room is spacious and very cosy. 

Utsikten ner över dalen och fjällen mitt emot

The view of the surrounding mountains and the valley is something you never get tired of. 

Matplatsen i Fjällräven

The dining table with extension fits 10 people.

Köket i Fjällräven

The kitchen is well equipped, all you need to create a feast. In the middle of the room is a fireplace which can be seen from everywhere in the room. Through the door you can see the grand bed room...

Sovrum 1 på övervåningen

...which looks like this!

Toalett vid entren Trappa

The toilet by the entrance and the stairs to the bottomfllor.

Relax med ungdomshörna och TV

...where the younger generation can roam. The door lead out to a west facing terrace where you can barbecue.To the right of the door is the shower room and sauna.

Sovrum 2 i undervåningen

Bedroom number two, also with a double bed for a second couple to be comfortable.

Sovrum 3 i undervåningen

Bedroom number three is large with two bunkbeds of which one is wider for two people.

Bastu med härlig utsikt

The sauna is magnificent with a fantastic view. The finnish stove creates plenty of heat and steam. 


The shower rooms leads straight out to the terrace for a quick dipper in the snow during the winter.

Toalett med dusch

 Downstairs bathroom with an additional shower.

 Entregaveln och vallaboden

In front of the house are two parking spaces and the ski waxing shed where you also can store a mountain bike for example during the summer. There is an addional storage room on the backside of the shed for skis, fishing gear, etc.